Tips of Maintaining a Scorching Tub

tips of maintaining a scorching tub

In cold places, you must take a hot bath after getting home from get off work. It can not only relax your body and mind, but also effectively improve your body circulation and achieve the effect of losing weight. Studies have confirmed that the calories consumed by taking a bath for 15 minutes are equal to jogging for 30 minutes. You can lose weight, no wonder everyone loves to take a bath.

Tips for keeping your scorching Tub

When the temperature is low, the water temperature in the bathtub cools down quickly. In fact, just “spread a bath towel” on the water! temperature, there is no need to add hot water all the time! This method is the same as the way Japanese people who love to take baths use bathtub covers, but it is more convenient and cost-effective.

scorching tubs are suitable for bathing at a temperature of 40°C

Many people like very hot water when they take a bath in the bathtub, but experts say that when soaking in hot water at 42°C, the sympathetic nerves are more active, which raises blood pressure and may suppress the immune system. Generally speaking, the most suitable temperature for bathing is 40°C.

How Long Should You Soak in a scorching Tub?

Experts suggest that 10 minutes of bath time is enough to achieve the heating effect. In addition, if the water temperature is below 38°C, it is difficult to achieve the warming effect.
In addition, if you drink cold drinks such as beer and beverages while taking a bath, or eat ice immediately after taking a bath, or blow on an electric fan, the body heating effect will also be reduced.

Don’t soak in the bath for too long, pay attention to the water temperature, so you won’t get sick

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