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To date, there are thousands of people from across the globe who are making serious money online. Aside from those who are running ebusiness and who are involved in auction sites, there are also freelancers who are making more money compare to those people who have typical 9am-5pm job.

Link to lots of good quality, respected websites: The Penguin won’t like sites where all their links point to one website. It’s going to be much more fruitful in the long run to cast your net far and wide and create links to lots of well ranked websites that are relevant to your content and have a natural connection. That’s the key here; keep things natural and encourage growth of links with your high quality blogging content, not just blind back links for the sake of it.

1) Have your photo taken by a photographer. Even if you think your photo looks great, have a business photo that is taken a professional photographer. You will just need to spare a few minutes so you can visit a local studio and have your picture taken. Make sure that you upload a recent photo on your site at least once a year instead of using your old photo taken five years or ten years ago.

That was a turning point for my online business. I decided to try SEO myself. I knew that most of beginner online marketers stay away from SEO thinking that it’s something too sophisticated and tedious they don’t want to deal with. I had thrown away all these useless beliefs and dived in the world of SEO.

Only if you have a good SEO ranking you will be noticed, and thus visited. Proper SEO Services will help your site get the best rank in search engines. To have the best impact on your website, the experts make use of the latest analytics services. Lead Generation Campaigns help maintain the website and make it better by improving its contents. It creates various back links to well-known websites and also to search engines. For this, diverse keywords are used, which customers generally use to access such websites.

Small sites, generally 20 pages or less, should have just one menu, which includes all links. If you are using java script or flash for your menu, make sure that at the bottom of all your pages is text links for every page. This will help your visitors and search engines in finding all your pages. The files of your site should have a simple organization, all HTML pages in the root directory with images in a folder that is labeled descriptively (i.e. images, pictures, etc.).

The bottom line is this. In order for a website to rank well, there has to be a lot of links coming into that site from quality reputable sources. The text that is linked (anchor text) to the pages you’re trying to rank is also extremely important. There are so many different ways to obtain these links. Popular ways to get links include link baiting, cherry picking links, purchasing directory links (not link farms or bad neighborhoods) and negotiating with other site owners and webmasters to get links. There are many other ways to get what links as well but these are the main ones.

See, SEO isn’t as complicated as it seems, just stick to the basics and you will be doing better than most. Just practice your linking strategy, making sure you only link to relevant pages and get as many relevant links pointing to your site as you can and your site will rank higher automatically. The more backlinks the better.

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Promote Your Business Through Seo Services Company India

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