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Have you ever been to the Philippines? You might think that the Philippines is not a place to travel, even me.
But after I arrived there, I found all of them are incredible, and the most amazing thing is Sabong(cockfighting)!
You may have seen sabong video on TV and thought it was something very cruel and bloody, yes it was bloody and very unsuitable for kids.
But I must say, if you travel to the Philippines, you must watch sabong once, of course you can choose less bloody ones.
Everyone became very excited during the game and reached the climax of emotion, which was very amazing. Two fierce roosters fought in an arena until only one rooster was left standing. This is the arena.

Legal sabong in the Philippines

Let me remind everyone that there are a lot of underground sabong in the Philippines. If you are interested in sabong, please do not participate in underground activities, because most of them will implant a lot of hormones into the roosters, and do not take proper care of the roosters. In this state , Roosters are very easy to get sick or die, so to reduce this situation, what we have to do is to find the legal sabong in the Philippines, which are currently published in the list of the local government, and those who are interested can check it out by themselves.

Online sabong in the Philippines

If you can’t be there in person, you can also look for sabong online live . In fact, there are many sabong online live in the Philippines, so how do you choose? Here are four suggestions

1, Legally own the sabong license

To sum up, choosing legal cockfighting can not only maintain the ecology of cockfighting, but also push cockfighting towards sports

2. Watch the big game

If you are a person who has never watched it, it is recommended that you watch the big game, because there will be a special announcer and a lot of information in the big game, so it is easier to understand the process

3. Live broadcast

To watch any sports match, of course, you must choose live broadcast, and the picture quality and angle are very important. Choose a trustworthy ph sabong live platform!

4. Choose the platform that uses gcash

There are many payment methods in the Philippines, but gcash is the most convenient, choose online sabong gcash

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