My Case Towards Abortion

When you go to a U2 concert, one expects all the things of a rock live performance: loud music, fights, individuals getting a good time, even wafts of cigarette and cannabis smoke. Between the hour of the opening band and U2, the huge screen entertained the crowd with facts.

The media concentrates on the lack of funding for the troops but the shutdown also stops their ability to buy food, gas and war provides. The concentration on circumventing well established legislation puts the troops in hazard. Troops who will not have gas for automobiles or fuel for their plane. Plane that is supporting Obama’s No-fly zone more than Libya.

Part of the reason is that the only person the locally hapless Republicans can seem to run towards him is some even nuttier correct-wing corpse, or some demented pharmacist from one of our many “nutty” remote little towns.

In this kind of cases, where a child was ultimately born to people who were barren for a long time, they see it as an evidence that God is indeed good and that he tends to make people’s prayers come accurate. So, if you are infertile and you are a Christian, you might begin to doubt Him and believe that he has deserted you. Sadly, this is just one of the many flawed suggestions of God. When you begin to believe and adhere to Him, all your sins are forgiven and you are not going to be “punished” for committing these sins.

But at any time since I saw TX State senator Wendy Davis bitc*slap a entire passel of nutcase antiABORTION Texas male Senators up towards the walls of the TX Legislature, I’ve been wondering what type of woman wears these shoes. Obviously the TEMPAT ABORSI AMAN kind that has to place up with silly individuals (male and female) telling her and the relaxation of the ladies in TX what they can do with their own bodies, because, Rick Perry.

Meanwhile, the task is finished. Heaven has communicated to earth its concept. Now it is up to us to pass on this wisdom, hope, and pleasure to all who will listen to it.

What St. Paul was using about there is that when this earthly pilgrimage is carried out away with, we will no longer require the tools of the religion. We are not to grow out of them now, especially in this crucial second of time.

The Confederacy misplaced the fight and the seceding states misplaced with it any real ability to control their own destiny. The Union won the battle but, as is famously said in other places, lost the peace, as its member states have misplaced so much of their power as well. Evil begets evil. We are all, each of us, the poorer for it. That is the genuine lesson of Gettysburg.

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