Home Tuitions And Their Significance

Home Tuition and What It Means

What is a tutor?

Tutoring is a teaching process that takes place between a student and a teacher, usually at the teacher’s or student’s home, also known as private tutoring.

What are the types of tutoring?

 1: Teacher teaches students at home

In this type of tutoring, the teacher teaches the students at home. Not going to many places or students’ homes to teach them. Students must be found on their own.

 2: Tutoring students at home

You find students and you go to their homes to teach them. This teaching method is jointly managed by teachers and parents of students.

3: Joining an online site or tutoring agency

Due to the influence of covid-19, this type has become very popular in recent years, but online tutoring cannot replace offline tutoring, because online tutoring is more difficult for teachers to control students’ learning status, At the same time, it is also difficult to cultivate basic friendly relations with students


From a teacher’s perspective, each type of tutoring has its pros and cons.

1: Teaching students at home only

The risk is low and anyone can start tutoring from home.


Low academic requirements

It is not necessary to have a higher education degree and you can teach according to your skills and current qualifications. Like, you can start teaching with younger students.

low experience requirement

You don’t need much experience to start homeschooling. Many housewives and college students tutor at home without any teaching experience.


You can decide when you want to teach, what subjects or grades you want to teach, there is no limit.

confidence and comfort

When teaching at home, the familiarity of the environment increases the level of confidence and comfort in the teaching process, which leads to a better quality education.

save time and money

Maximize money and time savings as there is no need to travel anywhere to teach students. This is a great advantage.


Need to manage everything in the home and make sure everything is running smoothly

Must rely on students or parents for visibility


2: Teaching students at home

This is somewhat similar to Fang Shiyi, but instead of being at his own home, he goes to a student’s home to teach.


higher charges

You can charge higher fees than homeschooling students because you have the additional cost of transportation and time.

You don’t need all the infrastructure, all infrastructure is arranged by the student’s parents.


However, as we discussed in Type 1, you still have to find students and promote yourself.

need to pass

Sometimes, if you are teaching older students, you have to be more qualified and experienced to convince parents.

less time utilization

When you go to a student’s house, you have to factor in travel time, which is completely inefficient for you. You cannot avoid travel at all costs.

high expectations

Since it is one-on-one teaching, your responsibilities will be higher, parents will expect a great result and the student’s progress must be reflected in the student’s grades.

no time control

Parents of students may dictate your class times based on their comfort and convenience.

be fired at any time

Parents may terminate your services at any time if they believe their children are unable to learn from you for whatever reason.

You won’t be able to grow and build your personal brand because you won’t be exposed to as many students. You’re limited to one or a few students, you don’t have access to many parents, and you only get referrals from a few students.


3: You join an online site or tutoring agency as a tutor

This type of tuition is mostly based on third party


If the agency or company is genuine, you can make steady money as a tutor.

You only need to manage yourself, no need to spend extra effort to find students


you can’t control anything

You can’t actually meet with an agent, and you can’t control your earnings and student acquisition. Most of the time, you will get a call from a random parent who will most likely negotiate with you. The final tuition fee will be much lower than what you expected.

qualification is mandatory

You must have certain qualifications to register as a tutor. You must hold an advanced degree or degree according to the tutoring service website or agency.

Some institutions or websites give preference to experienced tutors. If you don’t have any experience to demonstrate your tutoring skills, you are unlikely to get any students.


If you can manage your own brand, or if you can get a lot of customers in your community, neighbors, then you choose home teaching is very good, but you have to understand that home teaching is not a normal job, You have to spread your customer base.
If you are currently a student and want to find a part-time job, the 2 plan will be more suitable for you, after all, it is a short-term part-time job.
In any case, when choosing an online teaching platform, you should pay attention to whether they are legal platforms and how the commission is calculated. If you want stable teaching and income, then online platforms are also a good choice. In the future, online platforms will also will continue to operate.

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