Hollywood Movies With Depressing Endings

Hollywood Movies With Depressing Endings

Most Hollywood movies end with a happy story. After all, it’s wonderful to imagine that “as long as you work hard, you will succeed in the end”, isn’t it? Depressing Endings will be deeply remembered in our hearts, and we can feel it more in times of sadness.

Here are the movies with sad and depressing endings.

There are important plots involved, please watch carefully

There are important plots involved, please watch carefully




1.The Mist (2007)

In the plot of “The Mist”, you can often see an “anti-climax” and “anti-romantic” approach to the plot. To put it simply, many things that you thought would happen like this, or things that would happen in traditional stories, often take a sharp turn, but become unexpected.
For a long time, we seem to have been accustomed to the way stories should have stories. If a gun appears in the story, it should be fired. But “Fog and Cry” jumped out to tell you: That’s not necessarily the case!
There are many things in the world that backfire and change suddenly. Putting many “uncertain factors in reality” in this “story” may increase our sense of identity with the “more realistic” story.
This ending is undoubtedly the greatest mockery of heroic behavior, and it is even more ironic about those stories that start with disaster but end with romance. It is indeed not unreasonable that it can win the approval of Stephen King. I think this kind of ending is really the stroke of genius that will make this film firmly remembered in the vast sea of shadows.


2.One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

The most depressing moment in this movie is the moment when I saw the knife marks on Murphy’s forehead. At this moment, “Murphy is no longer here.” This sentence directly hits my mind. Frontal lobotomy is a well-known cruel operation, and those who have watched “Shutter Island” should also know a little bit.

Fortunately, the chief gave us hope in the end. Another long shot, the chief who was as strong as a mountain slowly walked away and became smaller. Could he just enter the next bigger system? I think, he said “I’m not going without you” to Murphy who lost his soul and left only his body, which means that Murphy has entered the heart of the chief. A glass window that few people try. The Chiefs don’t need to miss Murphy, and we don’t need to miss Murphy either.

“I’m not going without you”

3.Shutter Island (2010)

In fact, the ideas and viewpoints of the film are very thought-provoking. When the protagonist is most sober, in fact, it is also when he is the saddest, his wife kills his child, and then he himself ends the life of his beloved wife,
Such an ending needs to be borne, and how much psychological harm it will cause to people. In the end, choose to face such tragedy and pain in the outside world, or live in the closed island, numb and lose yourself. Whether to be a murderer Andrew Laeddis or a kind federal judge Teddy, I think the protagonist has made his own choice.

Sometimes, it is actually a kind of happiness for people to be able to forget the past and some hard-to-forget things. If so, why do people have to go back to the origin of the tragedy and start over?

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