Have Some Fun In The Bathroom With A Bold Shower Curtain

The bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. Usually we have as many bathrooms as there are bedrooms, and sometimes more. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom therefore it should be both attractive and functional. The right bathroom accessories can help in both of these areas.

Next, we decide what we want to keep in the linen closet. How many sheet sets do you have for each bed and are they matching? I recommend 2 sets per family member bed, and if you use flannel, 2 sets of summer and 2 sets of flannel for each bed. This way, when you change the bed, it is not necessary to immediately wash the sheets. For guests beds, I recommend 1 set of summer and 1 set of flannel. Unless you have consistent guests, it is not necessary to store that many sets. Remember the pullout couches and futons too. Store the current season close to the bottom while the out of season sheets should be stored higher. Store the guest linens together in a tote to keep dust and bugs off while they are not in use.

As time marched on and fashion became prevalent in our lives and even more so in our homes, we started demanding better looking bathrooms from the industry. Well, they sat up and listened. You can now just walk into a bathroom store and quickly assemble the style you want.

Get Proper Lighting – Make sure your small bathroom has good lighting. If you have a window, choose window treatments that don’t cover the window. This will allow more natural light to get into the room. Also carefully select a light fixture that will properly light the space. A room with dim lighting will only feel smaller.

The maintenance is also straightforward. Your bathroom teak surely will come into contact with water regularly. To avoid shampoo and soap residue, rinse your teak using water. You can apply linseed oil to the teak furniture in order that it won’t dry out.

Before you get started you will want to prep the bathroom. Protect the floor, counter top and tub with paper, plastic or drop cloths as this will get a little messy. Remove all Double Basin Vanity Units that you can. In our case we removed the old ceramic paper holder and towel bars. We decided to go with new chrome accessories. Depending on the height you want to install the beadboard you may also want to remove the mirrors, electrical plates and medicine cabinet. We also removed the toilet tank for an easier install around the plumbing pipes. Remove the baseboard and shoe molding if applicable. We installed new trim so we removed the door casing as well but you don’t have to if you want to re-use it.

Bedroom: Make the bed – first and foremost. Bottles of perfume or lotion create visual clutter. Find a place to hide these types of items. Put away all clothes and shoes. If you have clothes draped over the chair or shoes on the floor, buyers will notice that more than your custom window treatments.

From the basic single shower head with a handle, to the shower head, nozzles and sprays, a customized shower can be the perfect choice for any bathroom. It is important to check the size and features while buying. If you are in the opinion of buying a shower enclosure, then you need to choose between the bath tub or shower kit. It is not possible to keep both. Bath tub can be replaced with a stall or a shower head above bath tub to utilize the space. Most of the people often opt for shower enclosures to avoid water wastage as bath tubs are considered to consume more water as compared to showers. All the above tips will help you in revitalizing your bath space with a stylish and classic bathroom shower.

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Have Some Fun In The Bathroom With A Bold Shower Curtain

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