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There are many worth visiting cities in the UK and Birmingham is one of them. It is one of the most famous and second largest cities in the UK. If you are planning your vacation with your family then this is one of the perfect destinations in the UK. This city is also known as “City of Trades”. From London it is very easy to travel to this city as it is well connected by all modes of transportation. I would recommend you to travel to this city by train. Birmingham is well connected by train to all major destinations in the UK.

For this, you should probably consult her boss first. If she loves Sex and the City and you have a dog, take the dog out for a walk with her. When you stop to bend over and scoop the poop, pull out the ring just like Aidan did for Carrie. If you are not sure what her favorite chick flick is, ask. You can always use the premise that you are thinking about buying her the DVD copy for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to ask for a few of her favorites to be sure to find one that has a romantic proposal.

See part of Balboa Park in three minutes by train! The San Diego Zoo now operates the Balboa Park Miniature Railroad. The train pulls out of the station for 3-minute rides around a portion of Balboa Park. The train station is just east of the Zoo’s exit. Train tickets: $1.75 ages 1 – up; under age 1 is free.

If you are planning to come to India then always keep in your mind to make a planned journey. A planned journey means you should get all the confirmed flight or railway ticket to each destination. In addition you should have your hotel bookings and city tour bookings. Apart from it you should have the knowledge of food which you want to eat here. The cuisine of India is very different and spicy, so you must enjoy the taste and flavors when you are here in India.

Seeing Real Thai Culture from the Train – Trains in Thailand go through parts of the country that you won’t see if you travel by car or by bus. From the train in Thailand, you’ll see workers working in the rice paddies, elephants pulling logs, little kids running along the side of the train waving and, at every station, ordinary Thais just going about their lives. You can also buy a train ticket to a small town in Thailand, get off for an overnight trip, and then get back on the train the following morning to continue your journey. You’ll see places in Thailand most foreigners never see, and experience Thai culture others won’t.

Walkers Art Gallery: If you love art then don’t miss this place. You find many things here that will touch your heart. There are many attractions in this city.

If these simple tips are followed while reserving your train tickets in India, I am sure your experience of train travel in India would be the most pleasant and the memorable one.

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