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If there will be working through machines, then the occurrence of vibrations is common. In some cases, there can be ignorance of the vibrations; other take some severe precautions for them. Most of the vibrations have occurred in the manufacturing field. The machines used for working can cause vibrations on the surface. For receiving relieve from vibrations, the anti vibration table is used. Many tables are present in the market. The selection of the right is necessary for the person.

Factors that influence the selection of the right table 

Here are some of the characteristics of the tables. By comparing them, a person will make the selection of the right anti vibration table for their work.

  • Frequency of vibrations – The rate of waves on the machines varies as per the size. The selection of the table should be made according to the occurrence of vibrations. If the frequency is less, then a table with one granite surface can be used. Otherwise, a table with the top and bottom of the granite surface will be used. The granite surface will help in removing the unnecessary vibrations from the table. There will be better control of the table over the machines. The work will be done with more efficiency.
  • Weight of the machines – The anti-vibration tables should be capable of handling the weight of the tools. The weight of the object is an essential factor in deciding the table. The table should be capable of handling the weight of the manufacturing machines. The table with single granite will handle the small load of the tools, while heavyweights can be handled from two granite surface anti vibration table.
  • Movement of the machines – while working. There can be more movement of the tools. If a machine involves more action, then the table should handle the speed. The vibrations are affected due to speed and distance covered through the moving parts. Some tables are not capable of handling the movement, and there should be an avoidance of those tables. The selection should be based on the movement and speed of the moving parts.