The Biloxi Outdoor Planner For Nov 18

Fight for Air Climb, 9am, Chase Tower, 100 E. Broad Street (Downtown). Participants will climb 24 stories (453 steps) to reach the top of Chase Tower to raise awareness and money to support local education programs, research and advocacy. Fundraising is required and goes to benefit the American Lung Association.

How can you find the best of outdoor life when you’re on the road? The internet provides a lot of opportunities to find new places for adventure when you travel. Runners and marathoners can check Running in the USA’s website to find an event where they will be visiting this summer.

Each state’s tourist website offers additional opportunities. While on the road, I’ve been checking out the action in each state along the way to find fun things to do. Here are some things I’ve found in West Virginia, just next door to Virginia.

Cooking- Bring your kids into the kitchen with you to prepare meals! Allow them to assist in measuring, timing, menu planning, and decorating the table. There are dozens of websites devoted to recipes kids can make on their own; boost their self esteem by letting them prepare a course on their own to add to the finished meal.

Another great benefit of ubf is the bonding time. Whether you are with family or friends or even your favorite pet, doing outdoor sports and activities can help you to bond with your loved ones in a way that is difficult otherwise. It forces you to talk and interact while sharing the experience of some type of outdoor activity. Nothing could ever replace the long talks that I have had with my mom while out walking, the laughs my boyfriend and I have had while kayaking or the interesting stories my friends and I have shared while hiking. These are experiences and moments that could never be replaced and were all possible because we were sharing the outdoors together.

While there are some gyms that allow teenagers or older kids to join, they are not really the place for younger kids or preteens. However, it is possible to keep kids fit with at home gym-style exercise. Fitness videos work well. You can also purchase a set of hand weights and teach your kid how to do safe, yet effective exercises. Of course, things like push-ups, sit-ups, and calisthenics work also.

This entire weekend the town of Patagonia in Southern Arizona is having their 23rd annual Fall festival. With over 125 booths of food, crafts, art, information and music, there is plenty here for everyone. The fair is located in the grassy park that runs through the middle of Patagonia. A free horse drawn wagon will shuttle you from your car to the event if neccessary. The fair opens at 10am both days. This is always a popular art fair and great excuse to jump in the car and head to southern Arizona’s grasslands.

Remember that as long as an item can fit into the stocking you are stuffing, it can count as a stocking stuffer. DVDs, CDs, a new watch, wallet or key chain or even cash can all be used as stocking stuffers. For the ladies, consider lipgloss, hair accessories, earrings or jewelry – no woman would be disappointed to find jewelry in her stocking on Christmas morning!

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The Biloxi Outdoor Planner For Nov 18

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