Ten Best Fashion Trends Of The Decade

Some men have no concept of fashion, and why should they. They don’t always feel the need to impress anybody. My husband pulls out the same shirt every time we go out. I try not to judge so I lay out a shirt for him and he doesn’t say anything. I think he likes it that he doesn’t have to choose.

A wand befitting a fairy can be made with a few simple materials. Decorate a foot-long dowel with glitter. Take bits of ribbon and tie them together in the center to make a pompom, then glue it on the end of the dowel. Ta-da!

Buying multi-piece outfits can save you money because the one piece of the original outfit can still be worn when the other piece does not fit. Many times babies, will need longer pants or bigger shirts and will need two different sizes on the top and bottom.

Today is Hump Day and we are officially halfway through the week. If you need a good laugh, might I suggest going home and giving that furry friend of yours a makeover. No, you don’t need to pull out scissors or the hair dye. Just dig up that cute Halloween costume or make a new one! It’s amazing what you can do with a pair of tie dye sweatpants!

Add a pair of red shorts on top of the pants or sweat pants. You can cut out two yellow circles out of felt, and attach them on the front of the shorts to act as the buttons on the Mickey Mouse costume. These can be glued, pinned, or even sewn on depending on your skill level and time. The next thing you will want to add to your costume is a tail.

You’ll need a large cardboard box, held in place with suspenders. Wear a stocking cap, and fasten Slinkies onto the box for arms. Use markers, crayons, or paint to make your box bright and colorful.

Whether you are interested to dress up as the egg delivery bunny or may want to go in for a simple suit for an Easter party you can choose from a variety of Easter bunny costumes. Just make sure that the bunny costume you go in for gets along with your personality and the event you will be wearing it to.

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Ten Best Fashion Trends Of The Decade

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