Kelley and Jeff’s wedding at Oak Alley was certainly one of our favorites from the 2013 wedding season.

Kelley and Jeff met at Texas A&M University. They met when she was a Jr. and Jeff was a Freshman. Jeff still swears to this day he told Kelley how old he was, but she’s still holding strong to the fact that he didn’t. They remained friends on campus for a year, but on Summer break Kelley realized how much she missed Jeff. On July 4th, she drove herself to Dallas and ends up at Jeff’s front door in the middle of the night and they have been together ever since.

Jeff had choose to propose on NYE, while they were in Austin celebrating a wedding with friends. After the party, Jeff and Kelley were walking through the lobby, he informed me he was super tired and wanted to call it a night. Kelley disappointed it was New Years Eve after all! But she finally heeded his request and reminded him that it was rude to just leave and not even tell our friends. Kelley completely froze at the door. The hotel staff had decorated the room with roses and champagne. Before Kelley could digest everything, she looked down at Jeff who was already on one knee with the most beautiful ring she had ever seen in his hand.

Kelley has a very significant connection with Oak Alley. Her paternal grandmother and grandfather (who is no longer with us) worked there for almost all of her childhood before retiring. She’s even published litrature for the plantation. For a period of time, they even lived on the property in one of the cottages that is now available for rent as part of the plantations bed and breakfast. Kelley actually got ready in that same cottage she used to spend time at as a little girl. Kelley can remember driving up to my grandparents cottage as a little girl thinking one day she would to get married there.

and she did… and it was absolutely stunning.

Also, a big thank you to Louis Dumser from who came out to help shoot the ceremony.