Herb Garden Weed Threats

When you have a garden, you have to prepare it for each season. The spring planning and summer planning are normally the most straight forward. Planning your garden for winter is a bit harder for some as they are not sure what to do exactly. Below we will discuss what you can do to prepare for the winter months for your garden.

Unfortunately, it is quite simple to hoe a Amsterdam and accidentally chop into a valuable plant nearby. Only do this if you are experienced and have a steady hand.

Temperature storing. Place seeds in a sealed jar or a bottle. Place the jar or bottle in a refrigerator set at low temperature (but not freezing). In lieu of a refrigerator (in case one is unavailable), you may store the seeds in such cold places as near a river or under a tree. You may also store the seeds inside a clay jar. The seeds must be dry when stored.

Also, the obvious issue with this method is the safety hazard posed. This method should not be used if surrounding plants or ground are dry and can catch fire. Keep away from clothing.

At least we know that so far the bill has passed through the assembly with no votes against it. All were in favor of the A.B. 152. The next step is to get the bill approved and signed into a law. How it would work is to provide a 10 percent tax credit to farmers for the cost of fresh produce donated to food banks. Then the food banks would give the food free to Sacramento’s hungry population who could not otherwise afford the fruits and vegetables. Think of the alternative. Without the incentive, the food rots in the field anyway.

Pass the word to your local house of worship to grow produce in the yard and give it away free to the poor. Are you in need of free vegetables and fruit? If the weather permits, about a thousand pounds of organic fresh vegetables will go directly out into the community by the end of this produce-growing season. In Sacramento, the LifePointe Church of the Nazarene on Q Street and Rio Linda Boulevard is growing organic vegetables and fruit in its yard to give free food to the poor by donating the produce to people in need.

One of the better perks is that you can see EVERYONE on these sites. All the pictures, and you can get a feel about someone without having to jump through hoops.

We still need to make many more purchases, but this was about all we could do in our first year of home ownership. It’s just amazing how much you take for granted and don’t realize you need as a new homeowner.

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